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Unlock a Sustainable Future with Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Panels, and Energy Storage Solutions!

Power Your Home with Clean Energy:

Discover the benefits of solar panels and tap into the unlimited potential of the sun. Reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills while enjoying a reliable and eco-friendly power source for your home.

Experience Efficient Heating Solutions:

Upgrade to an Air Source Heat Pump and witness the transformation in your comfort and energy efficiency. Harness the power of nature's warmth to heat your home, all while reducing your reliance on traditional energy sources.

Experience the Luxury of Underfloor Heating:

Transform your space into a warm and inviting oasis with our advanced underfloor heating systems. Enjoy the ultimate comfort underfoot while efficiently heating your home or business.

Oil Boilers:

Upgrade to our energy-efficient oil boilers for reliable heating and hot water solutions. Maximize efficiency, reduce emissions, and achieve significant savings with our modern oil boiler options.

Experience Unparalleled Hot Water Convenience:

Upgrade to an unvented hot water system and enjoy a seamless supply of hot water on demand. Say goodbye to cold showers and welcome a constant flow of luxurious warmth throughout your home or business.

Expert Gas Boiler Installations for Reliable and Efficient Heating:

Upgrade to a new high efficiency gas boiler for a reliable and efficient heating system. Experience the comfort of a warm and cozy home while reducing energy consumption and saving on heating costs.

Why Choose AR Energy

High-Quality Products from Trusted Manufacturers

We have established strong partnerships with trusted solar and heat pump equipment manufacturers, including industry leaders such as Mitsubishi and Trina-Solar.

Comprehensive In-House Supply and Installation Services.

Our team specialises in creating and implementing customised solutions tailored to your requirements. We provide expert recommendations for high-performance systems that deliver optimal savings.

Experience and Professionally Trained Team

Our team of professionals brings a wealth of experience in in both heat pumps and solar industry. Each member has undergone comprehensive and rigorous training to ensure their professional expertise.
Committed to Health and Safety Standards

 At AR Energy, health and safety is our foremost priority. In alignment with this commitment, we align ourselves with leading industry standards and practices to ensure rigorous adherence to health and safety regulations. This dedication reflects our ongoing effort to provide a safe and secure environment for both our team and our clients.

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