Transform Your Home's Energy Efficiency with AR Energy's Sustainable Solutions

Switch off Standby Mode:

Most electrical appliances can be turned off at the plug without affecting their programming. This simple action can save you around £55 per year.

Draught-proof Windows and Doors:

Draught-proofing your home, especially if it's not new, can significantly reduce heat loss. This could save around £95 per year.

Turn off Lights:

Make sure to turn off lights when they're not in use. Replacing all lights with LED bulbs can also contribute to more savings.

Washing Machine Usage:

Using your washing machine on a 30-degree cycle and reducing usage by one run per week can save around £29 annually.

Avoid Using a Tumble Dryer:

Drying clothes on racks inside or outside can save about £60 per year.

Shorter Showers:

Limiting shower time to about 4 minutes could save a typical household £70 annually.

Swap Bath for Shower:

Replace one bath a week with a shower to save £11 annually.

Switch to Air Source Heat Pumps:

Replace your traditional heating system with an air source heat pump for improved energy efficiency and lower heating costs. AR Energy offers advanced air source heat pumps that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Explore Our Air Source Heat Pumps

Install Solar PV Systems:

Harness the power of the sun by switching to solar PV panels. These systems can significantly reduce your electricity bills while promoting sustainable energy usage. Check out our range of solar PV solutions. Discover Our Solar PV Options

Upgrade to Underfloor Heating:

Consider installing underfloor heating for a more efficient and evenly distributed heating system. Our underfloor heating solutions offer comfort and energy savings. Learn About Underfloor Heating

Invest in Efficient Boilers:

If a full switch to heat pumps or solar isn't feasible, upgrading to a more energy-efficient boiler can still yield significant energy savings. Browse our selection of modern, efficient boilers. See Our Boiler Range

Central Heating Efficiency:

Adjusting heating controls, using thermostats and timers, and ensuring your home is well insulated can lead to significant savings on heating bills.

Insulate Your Hot Water Cylinder

Improving insulation can save around £50 per year.

Opt for Unvented Hot Water Systems:

Upgrade your hot water system to our energy-efficient, unvented hot water systems for consistent pressure and significant energy savings. View Our Hot Water Solutions

Energy Efficient in the Kitchen:

Avoid overfilling the kettle and only run your dishwasher when it's full to save on electricity.

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The energy-saving tips provided on this page are based on information sourced from the Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice. These tips are intended for general informational purposes and should be considered as guidelines. For more specific advice and up-to-date information on energy efficiency, please visit the Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice websites.